Helios chiller

The HELIOS chiller series from Secon was developed to cover small to medium capacity ranges. The air-cooled units are available in single- or dual-circuit versions. Semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors, which were specially developed for applications with flammable refrigerants, are used as compressors. The capacity control is stepless by using inverters.
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Secon Helios chiller is for applications with supply temperatures above -5°C, R290 (propane) is used. For lower outlet temperatures and especially for LT-applications, R1270 (propene) is preferred. The refrigerant charge is already very low, so this series is also available without a gas sensor for charges below 4,9 kg. To compensate for the omitted gas sensor, the safety ventilation must be operated permanently and monitored with an air flow sensor.

The air-cooled chillers of the HELIOS series are designed exclusively for outdoor use. The units are completely assembled, tested and filled with refrigerant and oil in the factory. Even as standard, the HELIOS models feature equipment of above-average quality and comprehensiveness. Hydraulic components such as butterfly valves, Y-filter, vent valve as well as filling and draining valve are already standard.

Secon Helios chiller Available options:

  • Heat recovery (desuperheater)
  • Integrated free cooling (available depending on model)
  • Low-Noise
  • Integrated primary pumps (single or redundant / charge pumps or regulated)
  • Integrated buffer tanks

Areas of application:

  • Process and server room cooling (HT)
  • Air-conditioning and process cooling at medium temperature level (AC)
  • Medium-temperature cooling (MT)
  • Low-temperature cooling (LT)

Capacity range:

  • HT: 10 – 170 kW
  • AC: 10 – 150 kW
  • MT: 5 – 130 kW
  • LT: 5 – 70 kW





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