FXP Compact R290 Chiller

The compact R290 chiller from the Secon FXP series is a particularly space-saving liquid-cooled chiller. They are designed exclusively for indoor installation. The units can be operated as an individual unit or in a hydraulic network consisting of several compact chillers. The modules are ideal for retrofit applications in existing buildings with very limited access areas.
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The FXP compact R290 chiller from Secon uses semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors, which have been specially developed for use with flammable refrigerants. The capacity control is either stepless (obligatory for single units) via inverter or stepped (only for compound applications).

The series is characterised by extremely low refrigerant charge. Depending on the model, the refrigerant charge size per circuit is between 0,7 and 2,5 kg, which makes installation below ground level easier. Individual units have an integrated control system. In compound systems, the unit can be controlled either centrally or by a master system control (both optionally available).

Only R290 (propane) is used as refrigerant in this compact Secon chiller series. The series can also be used as a hydraulically reversible heat pump.

All components used comply with the highest quality standards and valid safety requirements. All units are subjected to a test run with functional checks before delivery.

FXP Compact R290 Chiller Available options:

  • Superordinate system control based on Siemens S7 (for unit group).

Areas of application:

  • Process and data center cooling (HT)
  • Air-conditioning and process cooling at medium temperature level (AC)
  • Medium-temperature cooling (MT)

Capacity range:

  • HT: 20 – 60 kW
  • AC: 18 – 55 kW
  • MT: 10 – 35 kW





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