About NaturalRefrigerants.com

NaturalRefrigerants.com is published by ATMOsphere, a global, independent market accelerator with a mission to clean up cooling and heating.

NaturalRefrigerants.com provides information on the latest natural refrigerant-based cooling and heating products, systems and technologies made by leading manufacturers from around the world. Natural refrigerants include CO2 (R744); ammonia (R717); hydrocarbons such as propane (R290), isobutane (R600a) and propylene (R1270); water (R718); and air (R729). NaturalRefrigerants.com also reports on breaking news, trends and developments pertaining to these and other sustainable products, systems and technologies.

NaturalRefrigerants.com builds on the 18-year history of ATMOsphere’s legacy marketplace platforms, R744.com, Ammonia21.com and Hydrocarbons21.com.

About Natural Refrigerants

Clean Cooling by definition includes the complete transition from fluorinated refrigerants to natural refrigerants, including CO2, ammonia, hydrocarbons, water and air. Clean Cooling is, ultimately, about future-proofing society and ensuring a more sustainable relationship between humans and the planet we live and, we hope,  thrive on. Rising ambient temperatures will demand more cooling for health, food, productivity, data and, increasingly, safe living. Thus, the provision of comprehensive Clean Cooling is a prerequisite for a sustainable and resilient future.


About ATMOsphere

Founded in 2007 as shecco, ATMOsphere is a global, independent market accelerator for clean cooling and heating and natural refrigerant solutions. The company boasts more than 50 years of industry experience and has a global team located in Europe, Japan and the U.S.

ATMOsphere’s business includes media activities, events and market research. In addition, in June 2022, ATMOsphere launched its natural refrigerants label as a global gold standard highlighting best-in-class manufacturers, and now contractors, of natural refrigerant systems and components around the world.

The power of the ATMOsphere brand is amplified by its extensive network. It spans the globe and includes more than 50,000 industry stakeholders – from policymakers and end users to academia, manufacturers and everyone in between.