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About Secon GmbH

Expert in hydrocarbon chillers

Secon specialises in integral systems for environmentally friendly and energy efficient refrigeration. Chillers employing natural refrigerants are the main focus, especially hydrocarbons.

Secon was founded in 2010 aiming to manufacture chillers solely on the basis of natural refrigerants and pioneered the use of hydrocarbons.

Throughout the German-speaking region, Secon has proven to be an innovating force of this expanding market segment. Thanks to its project-specific design premise and flexibility to individually adapt each machine, Secon is always the first choice when it comes to quality and efficiency.

Furthermore, each Secon manufactured unit is provided with a comprehensive and tested safety concept that ensures the safe use of flammable refrigerants.

Innovation and sustainability

Energy efficiency as well as minimal environmental impact, down time and life cycle costs are the top design criteria for the products. Secon thus, without exception, uses natural refrigerants such as propane (R290), propene (R1270) and Isobutane (R600a). Secon also offers subcritical CO2 (R744) refrigeration systems and machines with air cycle technology (R729). Present-day awareness of the harmful implications of synthetic refrigerants makes imperative that they may only be employed where no viable alternative technologies with natural refrigerants are yet available.

Secon defines as its entrepreneurial responsibility to minimise the consequences of refrigeration technologies for the environment and future generations, therefore manufactures its products for the most environmentally friendly and safe use as possible. For Secon, this comprises to consistently contribute through research and state of the art technological development.

Choice of refrigerant mainly depends on project-specific application and installation location.

Hydrocarbons have no ozone depletion potential (ODP = 0) and negligible global warming potential (GWP < 1). There is a near-unlimited supply, they are cost-effective and absolutely future-proof. Hydrocarbon refrigerants are synonymous with high energy-efficiency which contributes to the reduction of operational costs and indirect CO2 emissions.

Hydrocarbons are used safely with the appropriate plant system design. Secon‘s products‘ safety standards are recognised in current norms and technical guidelines.

Secon was one of the first companies to develop production-ready hydrocarbon chillers and enter the market. Its engineering consistently aims to reduce refrigerant charge sizes. Secon is one of the few companies to offer chillers with up to four separate refrigerant circuits. The safety concept is developed in house an applied to all chillers with flammable refrigerants; it ensures safe plant operation for the whole range of applications. For Secon, it is not just a phrase to consistently further technological development but a self-evident premise for success.</p>

Secon offers significantly more than outstanding products. Facilitating a project-specific design process, Secon consults its customers throughout the early phases of planning and integral system design, e.g., on how to approach safety, hydraulic implementation and application for government financial assistance. After-sales customer support of Secon is provided for commissioning as well as regular service and maintenance.

SECON has successfully completed the 2024 ATMOsphere Label process and has been reapproved as a best-in-class natural refrigerant equipment manufacturer for the third year in a row.


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