XHP Copper-Iron Tube

The Streamline XHP Copper-Iron Tube is ideally suited for commercial CO2 refrigeration applications. This technically advanced tubing is a more practical alternative to steel piping due in part to familiar copper properties and the traditional joining method of brazing. The XHP tube is available in sizes ranging from 3/8” to 2-5/8” in outside diameter for 130 BAR / 1885 PSI pressure ratings at 150°C / 300°F.

The Mueller Streamline XHP Copper-Iron Tube material was developed for use with high-pressure refrigerants such as CO2. Compared to conventional pure copper Cu-DHP (99.9% Cu; UNS C12200), the Streamline XHP material is a CuFe2P alloy (2.1-2.6% iron; UNS C19400), comparable to that of Cu-DHP.

Streamline XHP Copper-Iron Tube is not subject to any restrictions for the selection of brazing alloy. Commonly used brazing filler metal types such as BCup Alloy (may contain 0% – 30% Silver – Ag) or Bag Alloy (may contain anywhere between 24% and 93% Silver – Ag) can be used. The brazing alloy chosen must be clarified with the brazing alloy supplier for each specific application. The selection of brazing alloy may depend on a few factors: applicable codes, OEM specifications, vibration, and operating temperatures.

Streamline XHP Copper Tube is made from material in compliance with UNS C19400 grade of copper alloy.


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Operating pressure

130 BAR / 1885 PSI

Operating temperature

120°C / 250°F


CuFe2P alloy (UNS C19400)


UL 207


Mueller Streamline



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