Polarpure R1270

Polarpure R1270 is a natural refrigerant with a sustainable CO2 footprint, manufactured by GTS through its distillation plant using R290 heat pumps and powered by a 1MW solar plant. Polarpure R1270 is used as a refrigerant mainly in industrial applications.
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Polarpure R1270 is GTS’s hydrocarbons refrigerant product line

GTS’s cutting-edge purification unit enables us to get a purity > 99.5%, a humidity < 10ppm and non-condensable gases < 175ppm, which mean high purity and high-quality hydrocarbon gases for refrigeration use. The Polarpure refrigerants have a very low GWP and do not cause ozone depletion. Being natural refrigerants, they represent the greenest and cheapest alternative to the phasing-out of HFCs and HFOs.

Polarpure R290: Polarpure Propane is mostly used in AC systems, dryers, commercial freezers and refrigerators, ice cube machines, bottle coolers, vending machines, and cascade refrigeration systems.
Polarpure R600A: Polarpure Isobutane is mainly used in domestic refrigeration (refrigerators and freezers), yet it is also suitable for special applications such as LNG plants and power plants.
Polarpure R1270: Polarpure Propylene is used as a refrigerant in industrial and commercial refrigeration; ask GTS for your tailor-made blend of it.
Polarpure R600: Polarpure n-Butane can be used either as a pure refrigerant or as a component in refrigerant blends.
GTS Pure Propylene: It can be used in refrigeration, the glass industry, welding, propylene production, vessels and refineries, and also as a purging gas for cartridge heaters
Miscellaneous Application: Propylene mixed with propane is used in many different applications such as combustion and glass manufacturing.


Transportation and Packaging  
With its in-house transport/logistic department and its strategic locations, GTS is able to supply its partners all over the world granting an outstanding quality. With several packaging proposals, ranging from 5 kgs cylinders, through various sizes drums, to the full 40ft ISO tanks, GTS is able to satisfy all its partner’s needs.

Quality of Service
GTS factory can perform both standard and tailor-made analyses. The ISO 9001:2015 certification of our laboratories is a quality assurance for all customers.

GTS customers’ and employees’ safety represents an absolute priority. That’s why, further to following mandatory safety procedures, GTS adopts additional measures such as regular packaging checks, active maintenance programs, and periodic safety consultancy.

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