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GTS manufactures R290 and R600a natural refrigerants with a sustainable CO2 footprint, through a distillation plant using R290 HEAT PUMPS and powered by a 1MW solar plant. By reducing our “Scope 3” emissions, we make the world greener and more efficient with GTS refrigerants.

GTS, a ‘QUIRIS Holding Industriale’ company, works in the sectors of production and distribution of special, technical and pure gases. GTS carries out its activities in different sectors such as the aerosol industry, refrigeration, construction, food and many other fields. Thanks to its total control of the supply chain of n-butane, isobutane and propane and the exclusive distribution of propylene with a high degree of purity, GTS is a leading company in the production and sale of special gas-based products.

GTS produces more than 25,000 tons per year of natural refrigerant gas, including: R290, R600A, R600 and R1270.

The company has 5 branches in Italy, Belgium, Romania, Brazil and Thailand, and is able to supply its products all over the world in its own trucks, isotanks and cylinders, to avoid contamination and assure top quality.


GTS refrigerant gases are divided into specific categories for particular needs, according to their use and sector of application.

  1. Polarpure R600A refrigerant gas. GTS pure isobutane is used primarily for domestic refrigeration (fridges and freezers). The product is also suitable for particular applications such as LNG plants, power stations etc.
  2. Polarpure R290 refrigerant gas. GTS pure propane is the most widely used product in air conditioning systems, in commercial freezers and fridges, in ice-making machines, in bottle fridges, in vending machines and in cascade refrigeration systems for supermarkets, etc. This gas is the best ecological alternative to environmentally harmful R134a.
  3. Polarpure R1270 refrigerant gas. GTS polymer-grade propylene (99.5%+) is also used as a refrigerant.
  4. Polarpure R433A, R433B, R433C refrigerant gas. GTS polymer-grade pure propane and propylene (99.5%+) mixtures are used as refrigerants.
  5. Polarpure R600 refrigerant gas. GTS pure n-butane can be used alone or as a component in a mixture.

GTS S.p.a. has successfully completed the 2024 ATMOsphere Label process and has been approved as a best-in-class natural refrigerant gas manufacturer.


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