Carrefour supermarket display cases using Freor and Teko CO2 Systems
Carrefour has installed a range of Freor’s CO2-based refrigerated display cases at its new supermarket in Belgium, including ERIDA upright freezers. (Source: Freor)

Carrefour Chooses Freor/TEKO CO2 System for New Belgian Supermarket

Freor’s refrigerated cabinets at the international chain’s new store in Beringen are served by an R744 rack made by German manufacturer TEKO.

International supermarket chain Carrefour has equipped its new store in Beringen, Belgium, with Green Wave CO2 refrigerated display cases from Lithuanian manufacturer Freor. The cabinets are connected to a centralized CO2 (R744) system manufactured by German company TEKO.

According to Freor, the CO2 refrigeration system also includes heat recovery during winter months with an outlet water temperature of 45°C (113°F).

Due to Belgium’s temperate maritime climate, Freor expects the supermarket’s energy consumption to improve by up to 10% with the use of CO2-based refrigeration.

Focus on sustainability

With a goal of achieving a 30% reduction in greenhouse emissions by 2030, Carrefour is focusing on improving energy efficiency and phasing out the use of HFC refrigerants.

The supermarket chain’s choice of CO2 at its new store supports these efforts, said Freor.

Carrefour is also committed to improving access to better food through its Act for Food program, which encourages all stakeholders to achieve higher standards in terms of quality, traceability and environmental protection.

“Caring about the quality of the products they offer, the Carrefour supermarket was looking for cooling equipment that would help to keep the products fresh for longer while maintaining their quality,” explained Freor.

In addition to being energy efficient and using a low-GWP refrigerant, Freor’s refrigerated cabinets also help to preserve the quality of produce, checking all of the supermarket’s requirements, the company added.

CO2 refrigeration at Carrefour

With the aim of retaining produce freshness, Carrefour chose 14 of Freor’s JUPITER multidecks and five PLUTON SPACE semi-vertical cases. According to the manufacturer, both products circulate cold air between shelves and have excellent cooling performance.

To ensure higher levels of energy efficiency, the majority of the JUPITER multidecks were installed with glass doors.

For freezers, the supermarket chose five of Freor’s ERIDA units and one LEDA island unit, all of which feature electric defrost heaters to prevent the build up of ice, ensuring better product preservation.

All of Freor’s remote CO2-based display cases are connected to TEKO’s ROXSTAcube rack, which has three transcritical CO2 compressors for medium temperature (MT) and two subcritical CO2 compressors for low temperature (LT).

The system provides an evaporator cooling capacity of 15kW (4.3TR) for LT (-33°C/-27.4°F) evaporators and 43kW (12.2TR) for MT (-8°C/17.6°F) cabinets.

Carrefour also opted for some of Freor’s IDA S and IDA S H1 propane (R290)-based plug-in units to offer greater flexibility for store layout.

Freor’s Belgian sales and maintenance partner Cooltech oversaw the installation of this project.

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