Quantum HD Unity Industrial Refrigeration Control Panel

The Quantum HD control panel from Johnson Controls has Unity architecture and is the most advanced industrial refrigeration controller on the market. You can access any control, calibration or value. The Quantum HD Controller features a large, high contrast display that makes it easy to read operating values and settings.

The Frick Quantum HD Unity Industrial Refrigeration Control Panel from Johnson Controls makes equipment management easy, from anywhere! Access any control, calibration or configuration value using on-screen touch control. With a large, high-contrast display, navigation and reading of the operating values and control settings is easy.

The control panel incorporates hardware features & technology proven in millions of applications. The high-speed, PC-based processor provides speed and processing capability far surpassing competitive microprocessor offerings. The High Definition Touch Display offers a high contrast, crisp clear display of compressor information and status with a superior viewing angle.

Features and benefits of the Frick Quantum HD Unity Control Panel:

  • Easy to read, High Definition display
  • Ethernet communications provide easy remote access for control and monitoring
  • Single program platform – simply enable and configure options
  • Configurable sensor signal and range; configurable analog and digital I/O
  • On board software and hardware based diagnostics
  • Condenser control with VFD and wet-bulb control logic
  • Compressor sequencing
  • Real time and historical trending

With the Quantum HD Unity control panel you get more than the most advanced, reliable controller on the market, you get the peace of mind that comes only from owning the leading brand in performance and engineering – Frick Industrial Refrigeration.

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