Eco Freeze R744 (CO2) Refrigerant

The “Eco Freeze Series” offers high-purity R744 with low moisture and sulfur content, ensuring excellent quality and essential elements for use as a refrigerant. Iwatani is a leading provider of R744 carbon dioxide refrigerants, with expertise in handling and supplying high-quality natural refrigerants. They have completed the commercialization of R744 as a suitable refrigerant by combining their know-how of refrigerant supply and quality control technology.
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Iwatani Eco freeze R744 (CO2) refrigerant comes in two different contents: 5kg and 30kg. The containers it is stored in come in two different materials, aluminum alloy seamless container and steel seamless container, and are equipped with a container valve W22-14 right male screw.

Eco Freeze R744 (CO2) Refrigerant Physical Properties

  • The molecular weight of the substance is 44.01 kg/kmol
  • Its critical temperature is 30.98°C and its critical pressure is 7.38 MPa
  • The freezing point is -56.56°C and the boiling point is -78.4°C (at atmospheric pressure)
  • The boiling point pressure at 25°C is 6434 kPa and evaporation latent heat is 119.64 kJ/kg (at 25°C)
  • The specific heat ratio is 1.294 (at 25°C and atmospheric pressure)
  • The density of the substance in its saturated liquid form is 710.5 kg/m3 (at 25°C) and in saturated steam, the form is 242.7 kg/m3 (at 25°C)
  • The viscosity of the substance in its saturated liquid form is 57.05 μPa・s (at 25°C) and in saturated steam, form is 20.16 μPa・s (at 25°C)
  • The thermal conductivity of the substance in its saturated liquid form is 16.8 mW/m・K (at 25°C) and in saturated steam, form is 45.5 mW/m・K (at 25°C)
  • The surface tension is 0.553 mN/m (at 25°C) and solubility in water is 0.759% (at atmospheric pressure)
  • The ozone depletion potential is 0 (CFC11=1) and the global warming potential is 1 (CO2=1)
  • The substance is incombustible. Its ASHRAE SSPC34 safety class is A1 and the allowable concentration is 5000 volppm

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