Oil control systems

Oil control systems protect compressors, the heart of any refrigerant system, to extend its service life. To ensure the safe operation, compressors must have consistent lubrication. Our line of oil management products is designed to effectively separate oil from refrigerant, filter out debris, and provide steady oil flow back to the compressors. In addition, oil control systems increase the efficiency of the cooling unit, improve energy efficiency and avoid additional costs due to system failure. Working with you While our standard catalogue components often meets your needs, we are fully equipped to work with you to design unique solutions. Our engineering team offers design services, providing customized components to fit your system specifications. All ESK products are manufactured in accordance with industry standards.

Application of oil control systems (OCS)

By installing an oil control system from ESK, consisting of an oil separator, oil reservoir, oil level regulators, strainers and pressure valve, a number of positive features are achieved regarding reliability and energy savings in daily use.

The oil separator reduces the amount of oil flowing through the system almost completely. It improves the efficiency (COP) of the system, reduces compressor operating time and saves energy. The indirect CO2 emissions are reduced.

The oil reservoir fulfills important functions with regard to improving the properties of the refrigeration machine oil before “re-use” and the re-entry into the compressor. By the application of a pressure valve a pressure of 1,5 bar above suction pressure is maintained in the oil reservoir. Due to the pressure drop from condensing pressure to reservoir pressure, refrigerant trapped within the oil will escape into the suction line. Furthermore the oil will cool down in the reservoir. The reduction of the refrigerant concentration and the cool down improve the lubrication qualities of the oil. In connection with the oil level regulators, the supply with oil as well as an optimal control of the oil level in the compressor crankcase at center sight glass level is achieved.

Compressors are one of the most cost-intensive components in an industrial refrigeration system. A failed compressor is associated with considerable costs arising from replacements or servicing of existing plants. By applying an OCS, compressor lubrication failures can be mostly avoided.

If the energy demand increases only by 2% due to a higher oil saturation of a system, oil regulating systems have already amortized itself after the first year.


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