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Institut fuer Thermodynamik (IfT)
Technische Universitaet Braunschweig
Hans-Sommer-Str. 5
38106 Braunschweig


Phone: +49-531-391-2625
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About  IfT / TU Braunschweig

“Understanding thermal energy conversion, storage, transport and interaction from the molecular to the System level is the key for developing and improving energy efficient thermal Systems.” – Mission Statement of the “Institut für Thermodynamik”.

There are two research groups at IfT.

Thermal Energy Systems

The research on thermal energy system includes analysis, optimization and control of thermal energy systems, such as automotive thermal management systems, fuel cell systems for future aircraft, or heat pump systems for industry and residential heat supply.

Research topics include refrigeration components and systems as well as software solutions. We experimentally and simulatively investigate refrigeration components (compressor, heat exchanger, expansion device, accumulator), refrigerants (espacially R744 and R290), refrigerant-oil mixtures and thermal energy systems. We investigate design and layout of test rigs and development of complex control strategies. Furthermore, we work on international standards for the interoperability of different programming languages and simulators.

Molecular Simulation of Thermophysical Properties

The research on molecular modelling and simulation at IfT Braunschweig is aiming to provide reliable predictions on thermophysical properties of poorly known compounds, and to gain a molecular level understanding of these properties. The studies cover various components such as novel working fluids for refrigeration and thermal systems, refrigerant-oil mixtures, ionic liquids, or drug candidates.


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