Zero Zone Warehouse
Zero Zone's new distribution warehouse in Mukwonago, Wisconsin

Zero Zone Opens New Distribution Warehouse for Refrigerated Display Cases

The warehouse will serve two production facilities in Wisconsin.

U.S. OEM Zero Zone has opened a new 183,200ft2 (17,020m2) distribution warehouse in Mukwonago, Wisconsin (U.S.) to serve as a space for finished refrigerated display cases before they are shipped to retail stores across the U.S.

“Our customers are growing, and we are proud to grow alongside them,” said Glenn Kormanik, CEO of Zero Zone, which is based in North Prairie, Wisconsin. He described the new warehouse as a “significant milestone.”

Zero Zone builds all of its display cases at nearby production facilities in Waukesha, Wisconsin, and North Prairie. The finished display cases are moved to the new Mukwonago facility, from which they are shipped to supermarkets, grocery stores, convenience stores, dollar stores, and drug stores.

“We have industry-leading 12-week lead times for display cases and industry leading 97% on-time delivery,” said Kormanik. “This facility allows us to respond to the needs of our customers, maintain their schedules, save their money, and save their resources by delivering when we say we are going to deliver. This is another tool in our toolbox to deliver on that promise to our customers.”

Ground broke on the new warehouse in September 2022, and it was completed in March 2023. Zero Zone houses its entire warehousing operation in this facility.

“We appreciate being able to triangulate and have a third facility close by our production facilities,” said Don Klenk, vice president and general manager. “This gives us an opportunity to be more efficient and responsive to our customers.”

Zero Zone also has refrigeration systems plants in Ramsey, Minnesota, and Dyersville, Iowa, where it manufactures systems for supermarkets, cold storage, food processing, and ice arenas. In 2023, Zero Zone presented its Genesys Natural Refrigeration Solutions for refrigeration using CO2 and ammonia to meet various requirements for its customers.

“We have industry-leading 12-week lead times for display cases and industry leading 97% on-time delivery.:”

Glenn Kormanik, CEO of Zero Zone

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