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Group photo after the laying of the foundation stone for the new Viessmann site in Legnica (from left): Przemysław Bożek (President of the Legnica Special Economic Zone), Tomasz Tomczak (Chairman of the Board of Viessmann Technika Grzewcza), Tadeusz Krzakowski (Mayor of Legnica), Alix Chambris (Vice President of Global Public Affairs and Sustainability, General Representative), Maximilian Viessmann (CEO of Viessmann Group), Mateusz Morawiecki (Prime Minister), Josef Nueschen (Vice President Manufacturing & Managing Director at Legnica), Thomas Heim (CEO of Viessmann Climate Solutions), Frauke von Polier (CPO of Viessmann Group), Markus Klausner (CTO of Viessmann Climate Solutions) and Arndt Fingerhut (Managing Director of Viessmann Werke Allendorf).

Viessmann to Accelerate NatRef Heat Pump Production with Site in Poland

Expanding its development of energy-efficient R290 heat pumps is helping Viessmann support the clean energy transition.

German manufacturer Viessmann Group has announced that it plans to open a new production site in Legnica, Poland, for its largest business area, Climate Solutions, with a particular focus on high-efficiency, propane (R290)-based heat pumps.

The building, which will be approximately 5,000m2 (53,820ft2), is due for completion in 2023.

According to the company, the new site “accelerates the ramp-up of heat pumps as a key element of a broad green and sustainable solution portfolio for maximum climate protection.”

Earlier this year, Viessmann announced a record investment of €1 billion (US$1.2 billion) to expand the group’s green climate solutions, including heat pumps, over the next three years. The €200 million (US$204 million) investment in its new Polish site is a key component of Viessmann’s “green climate solutions offensive” and complements its existing heat pump sites.

“On the way to becoming the leading European supplier of 100% renewable climate solutions, the development of the site in Legnica plays a central role,” said Thomas Heim, CEO of Viessmann Climate Solutions. “Through our historic investment, we will achieve a significant expansion of our production capacities, accelerate research and development and drive forward the expansion of green air-conditioning solutions with a focus on heat pumps.”

“Through our historic investment, we will achieve a significant expansion of our production capacities, accelerate research and development, and drive forward the expansion of green air conditioning solutions with a focus on heat pumps.”

Thomas Heim, Viessmann Climate Solutions

By expanding its development of energy-efficient, climate-friendly heat pumps, the new site will help Viessmann make a “significant contribution to strengthening Europe’s geopolitical energy independence,” according to the company’s statement. These efforts are also supporting the clean energy transition and fight against climate change.

“With a new state-of-the-art site, we will provide our trade partners with sustainable and efficient solutions that enable them to reduce consumers’ energy consumption and redefine their environmental footprint,” said Markus Klausner, CTO of Viessmann Climate Solutions. “The investment underlines our ambition to offer inspiring premium climate solutions and thus contribute to the preservation of our planet.”

According to the group, “special attention has also been paid to efficiency and sustainability of the new production plant.”

The new site will create 1,700 employment opportunities in the future.

In addition to the new Climate Solutions site, Viessmann is also currently building a nearby site for its Refrigeration Solutions business area. Construction on the latter began in June 2022.

“The local proximity of the company’s two largest and most important business areas, Climate Solutions and Refrigeration Solutions, will not only allow major investment synergies to be exploited, but will also facilitate the introduction of standards,” said Viessmann.

According to the group, further investments in additional European locations are already planned, including in Germany.

Viessmann heat pumps in action

European supermarket chain Penny has chosen Viessmann’s ESyCool green HVAC&R system for its new store in Kolín, Czechia, with the aim of reducing the store’s energy consumption. The system includes an R290-based heat pump.

“The system takes over the complete supply of the refrigeration technology, such as refrigerated cabinets and cold rooms, as well as the fossil-free heating and air conditioning of the building,” explained Viessmann in a recent statement. “It consumes less energy, making the market operating more energy efficient.”

Waste heat from the refrigeration system is recovered to provide space heating for the store. If the reclaimed heat is insufficient, an air-to-air propane heat pump is used to meet demand, eliminating the need for a gas or oil boiler system.

According to the store’s energy monitoring system, Penny is already benefiting from the performance of ESyCool green in terms of energy savings compared to traditional technologies.

New CEO at Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions

Viessmann has also recently announced a change of leadership at Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions (Viessmann Kältetechnik Deutschland Vertriebs), with its current CEO, Jörg Straßburger leaving the company after eight years.

Udo Laeis, Chief Sales Officer at Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions, will take over temporary leadership before Frank Jansing assumes the full-time position on October 1, 2022. Jansing was previously CEO of the technology and materials specialist voestalpine eifeler.

With a degree in process engineering, Jansing has in-depth knowledge of the industry and technology. Viessmann added that “as a practice-oriented entrepreneur with strong sustainability visions in refrigeration technology, Jansing will securely position Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions for the future.”

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