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Viessmann Clean & Cold Room Business Enters North America with Purchase of BMIL Technologies

Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions also recently announced partnership with Epta.

The “clean & cold room” business of German manufacturer Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions (VRS) has announced that it will enter the North American market through the acquisition of system integrator BMIL Technologies.

VRS’s clean & cold room operations include climate-controlled rooms and refrigeration units with production in Hof, Germany. Information on Viessmann’s cold room chillers using propane (R290) can be found here.

VRS also recently signed an agreement with Italian OEM Epta to create a joint venture in the Central and Northern European commercial refrigeration market. That transaction excluded the VRS clean & cold room solutions business.

BMIL, based in Morehead City, North Carolina, supplies cold rooms and refrigeration equipment for industrial and commercial refrigeration applications.

“The acquisition of BMIL is in line with our long-term sustainability goals and our strategy to strengthen the clean & cold room business,” said Frank Winters, CEO of Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions. “We see high growth potential in the North American market where the transition to the natural refrigerant is expected to accelerate. We are looking forward to seizing further opportunities to enlarge our positive impact, especially for food services, high-tech, and industrial applications.”

The cold & clean room business of VRS includes all related sales entities across Europe as well as Viessmann Technologies and the production site Viessmann Kühlsysteme, both based in Hof. Viessmann Kühlsysteme is one of the biggest modular cold room producers in Europe, the company said.

“The acquisition of BMIL also strengthen the global ecosystem of the Viessmann Group and fits into a series of international partnerships for clean & cold solutions with selected companies such as Priva, a Dutch building automation and vertical farming specialist, or Intarcon, a leading Spanish manufacturer of refrigeration equipment with a focus on energy efficiency and natural-based refrigerants,” said VRS. “Following its purpose of co-creating living spaces for generations to come, the Viessmann Group aims to build an ecosystem of co-creators with focus on CO2 avoidance, CO2 reduction and CO2 capturing.”

“We see high growth potential in the North American market where the transition to the natural refrigerant is expected to accelerate.”

Frank Winters, CEO of Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions

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