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RMC “Climate Innovation Vouchers” Award
RMC “Climate Innovation Vouchers” Award. Image Credit: RMC

Ukrainian Refrigeration Manufacturer Wins European Grant for CO2 Equipment Development

The “Climate Innovation Vouchers” award gives RMC Manufacturing Company up to €50,000 to help produce its Alps Compact CO2 unit.

In the third wave of the “Climate Innovation Vouchers” grant program, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the EU have awarded up to €50,000 ($54,000) to Ukrainian-based OEM RMC Manufacturer Company to support the development of CO2 (R744) refrigeration equipment.

“RMC Manufacturer Company is replacing freon-based units with next-generation systems based on CO2 to improve equipment efficiency and durability and optimize energy use,” said the Delegation of the EU to Ukraine in a press release.

“[The] grant funding will foster the development, testing and implementation of the “Alps Compact CO2” equipment series,” said RMC in a press release.

Having worked with natural refrigerant technologies for more than seven years, RMC notes that CO2 provides “sustainable and cost-effective solutions” for cooling systems to meet global industry trends and requirements for environmental security.

In the March 19 award ceremony, the EBRD and EU awarded grants totaling €442,000 ($477,000) to ten Ukrainian companies. According to the EU, the grants help combat climate change and improve energy efficiencies through developing and implementing innovative solutions.

With its headquarters in Warsaw, RMC designs and manufactures industrial refrigeration equipment. According to its website, the OEM supplies products to the Asian and European markets.

Supporting green innovation

Supported by the EU’s EU4Climate initiative, EBRD developed the Climate Innovation Vouchers scheme as part of its Finance and Technology Transfer Center for Climate Change program, with the first awards launched in Ukraine in 2017.

The grants help cover the cost of various stages of developing green innovations, including prototyping, certification and designing new product lines.

Since 2020, EBRD and the EU have provided a total of €1.2 million ($1.3 million) to 29 Ukrainian companies, said the EU Delegation to Ukraine.

“The Climate Innovation Vouchers is one of the largest grant competitions for innovators in the green and climate-friendly technologies sectors,” RMC said. “Our company became one of the winners!”

“[The] grant funding will foster the development, testing and implementation of the “Alps Compact CO2” equipment series.”

RMC Manufacturer Company

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