Tequs CTO Marius Hugo Sandem (left) and CEO Joakim Reintz Søgård.
Tequs CTO Marius Hugo Sandem (left) and CEO Joakim Reintz Søgård. Photo credit: Tequs

Tequs Joins NaturalRefrigerants.com as Silver Partner

The Norwegian heat pump manufacturer recently released a plug-and-play water-to-water commercial CO2 heat pump.

Tequs, a Norwegian manufacturer of CO2 (R744) heat pumps and chillers, has joined the world’s leading natural refrigerant HVAC&R stakeholders as a silver partner of the NaturalRefrigerants.com marketplace.

Tequs was founded by Joakim Søgård and Marius Hugo Sandem in 2021 and announced the development of a commercial plug-and-play water-to-water CO2 heat pump the following year. Tequs partnered with Italian OEM Rivacold to manufacture its heat pump, which features components from Bitzer, Alfa Laval and Carel.

The TCHP was released in April 2024 and can provide domestic hot water, space heating and cooling. The TCHP is available in eight models and offers a heating capacity of 17.4–268kW (4.9–76.2TR) with water temperatures of up to 90°C (194°F) and a cooling capacity of 13.5–210kW (3.8–59.7TR). Depending on the model chosen, the heating COP ranges from 2.5–5.5 and the cooling COP 2–5.

“Our CO2 plug-and-play heat pump achieves high energy efficiency through advanced components and precise engineering calculations,” Marius Hugo Sandem, CTO of Tequs, told NaturalRefrigerants.com in a interview with the company’s leadership team. “An essential feature is the ejector, which increases the suction pressure to enhance the system’s thermodynamic efficiency. This reduces energy consumption while maintaining adequate performance.”

Tequs says the TCHP lineup is ideal for a wide variety of applications, including providing hot water for district heating networks, cooling servers in data centers and providing space heating and cooling and domestic hot water in hotels and multi-family buildings.

“We are trying to make CO2 more mass market than it is today, rather than a niche application for bigger projects,” Søgård, CEO of Tequs, told NaturalRefrigerants.com in a 2022 interview. “By creating a more standardized product than existing systems, we can make it cheaper to produce. It also allows for pre-configuration, which means that more people can install it, overcoming current bottlenecks.”

“We are trying to make CO2 more mass market than it is today, rather than a niche application for bigger projects.”

Joakim Søgård, CEO of Tequs

Scaling plans

Søgård told NaturalRefrigerants.com in a recent interview that the company’s focus for 2024 is to deliver its initial projects and evaluate their performance.

“We aim to evaluate how these projects perform within Europe, especially as we introduce a few units for retrofit gas projects in the European market,” Søgård said. “We plan to scale up our operations gradually and are cautious about expanding too quickly. To ensure quality, we have partnered exclusively with highly reputable and skilled contractors.”

To fund its sustainable growth strategy, Tequs recently raised NOK 10 million (€879,369/$953,235) in new capital from a group of five investors: Kongsberg Innovation, Hafslund Ventures, StartupLab, Momentum and Eviny Ventures. Christer Gavelli, Chairman of Tequs, told Norwegian business newspaper Finansavisen that the company has NOK 100 million (€8,794,269/$9,530,200). The company told the Norwegian outlet it has made eight sales and that its first delivery will be in June.

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