NKM 2023
The Norwegian Society of Refrigeration's 2023 meeting in Trondheim, Picture credit: Tekna.

Sessions on Hydrocarbon Heat Pumps, Refrigeration Systems, Scheduled for Norwegian Refrigeration Meeting 2024

The two-day event in Oslo will also feature sessions led by prominent figures and companies in the natural refrigerant industry.

The Norwegian Refrigeration Technical Meeting 2024 (NKM 2024), which will be held April 10 and 11 at the Scandic Oslo Airport, will feature multiple sessions on hydrocarbon heat pumps and refrigeration systems.

This event is organized by The Norwegian Society of Refrigeration and Tekna, a trade union for natural scientists, technologists and students.

The NKM 2024 offers a platform for industry stakeholders to share knowledge and explore the latest innovations in refrigeration technology. In addition to presentations, the meeting agenda includes panel discussions and an OEM exhibition.

“NKM has emerged as the primary hub for the refrigeration and heat pump industry in Norway,” Dr. Silje Marie Smitt, Deputy Chairman of The Norwegian Society of Refrigeration, told NaturalRefrigerants.com. “Transitioning from a conventional conference, it has evolved into a vibrant center for education, idea exchange and networking.”

Armin Hafner, a Professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim and head of the Norwegian Refrigeration Association, will give the keynote address.

Hydrocarbon heat pumps will be a focus of the event. Erlend Balstad, a consultant at the thermal energy consulting firm Norwegian Energy, will give a presentation titled, “Opportunities and challenges with hydrocarbons as the refrigerants in heat pumps for district heating in Norway.”

In addition, Faraz Neakakhtar, a Project Engineer at Japanese OEM Mayekawa, will present his company’s SPIRIT project. The SPIRIT project is a European Union R&D initiative to develop high-temperature heat pumps (HTHPs) to decarbonize industry. Mayekawa’s SPIRIT HTHP uses an ammonia (R717)-pentane (R601) cascade system to produce temperatures up to 140°C (284°F).

Along with heat pumps, Alexander Cohr Pachai, CEO of refrigeration and heat pump consultancy Global Consultancy ApS, will present an analysis on hydrocarbons and fluorine and their application in refrigeration systems.

Additional sessions

Proponents of natural refrigerant technologies will also present at NKM 2024.

Andy Pearson, Group Managing Director at industrial refrigeration and heating contractor Star Refrigeration and an advocate of ammonia refrigeration systems, will lead a session on how to correctly calculate the economic benefits of heat pumps.

Stefan Elbel, Professor and Head of Technische Universität Berlin (TU Berlin)’s Department of Heat Transfer and Conversion, will offer perspectives on when and why expansion work recovery benefits refrigeration systems. Elbel’s department at TU Berlin is co-hosting the ATMO MAC Summit 2024 × TU Berlin in September, organized by ATMOsphere, the publisher of NaturalRefrigerants.com.

Henrik Andersen, Research and Development Engineer at Danish CO2 heat pump and refrigeration systems manufacturer Fenagy, will speak about defrosting large industrial air-to-water heat pumps in Nordic climates.

Policy will also be a topic of discussion, with Alice Gaustad, Chief Engineer at the Norwegian Environment Agency, providing an update on the revised F-gas Regulation.

NaturalRefrigerants.com verified partners Fenagy, Advansor, SINTEF Energy Research, Enrad and the Danish TechnologicaI Institute (DTI) will present, participate or exhibit at NKM 2024.

“NKM has emerged as the primary hub for the refrigeration and heat pump industry in Norway. Transitioning from a conventional conference, it has evolved into a vibrant center for education, idea exchange and networking.”

Dr. Silje Marie Smitt, Deputy Chairman, The Norwegian Society of Refrigeration

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