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Sensor Maker HB Products Sponsors Youth Cycling Club

The Danish company hopes to help “local talent thrive and excel” with financial contributions for gear and events.

Sensor manufacturer HB Products, which makes ammonia (R717)-based sensors, seeks to support its community in Aarhus, Denmark, by sponsoring a cycling team, Aarhus Studenternes Cykelklub – ASC (Aarhus Student Cycling Club).

“We firmly believe in investing in the future of sports and empowering young athletes to achieve their goals,” HB Products said in the press release. “Through our sponsorship with ASC, we aim to cultivate a healthy community of local talent that thrives and excels in the world of cycling.”

The sponsorship will help club members purchase “high-quality cycling clothing at student-friendly prices” and contribute to financing club-organized events, including trips, summer training camps, club evenings and end-of-season parties, the company said. “These events foster camaraderie among the team members and provide valuable opportunities for bonding and skill development.”

The company’s headquarters in Hasselager, Denmark, is roughly 12km (7.5mi) southwest of downtown Aarhus.

Sensors for industrial/commercial refrigeration

HB Products specializes in developing and producing sensors for industrial and commercial refrigeration and heat-pump systems, including ammonia-based systems, with energy-efficient evaporator control, level control and oil management solutions.

The company’s HBDF defrost sensor was named Best Innovation in Industrial Refrigeration at the Grand Prix du Froid 2022 awards. The defrost sensor monitors and controls ice buildup on a system’s evaporators, resulting in fewer and shorter defrost cycles with energy consumption reduced by up to 40% as seen in existing installations, the manufacturer said.

Last year, HB Products switched a Romanian cold storage facility’s DX (direct expansion) ammonia system from superheat control to vapor quality control, reducing energy consumption by 43%. Henrik Kudsk, Product Manager at HB Products, described this in a case study at ATMOsphere (ATMO) Europe Summit 2022.

“We cater to the food industry all over the world, with specialized sensors not produced by others in the refrigeration industry,” said Michal Elstrøm, HB Products’ Director, in a You Tube video.

Established in 2002, HB Products has distributors selling its products in more than 60 countries, according to the company’s website.

“We firmly believe in investing in the future of sports and empowering young athletes to achieve their goals.”

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