The SCM Frigo booth at the HVAC&R Japan 2024 show.
SCM Frigo's booth at the HVAC&R Japan 2024 show. Source: Natural Refrigerants on YouTube.

SCM Frigo Partners with Mtass Ref to Sell Its CO2 Condensing Units and Racks in Japan

“We are probably the first European [CO2 manufacturer] to sell equipment in the country,” said SCM Frigo’s Asia Pacific Sales Director.

SCM Frigo, an Italian manufacturer of CO2 (R744) refrigeration systems and subsidiary of Beijer Ref, has announced a partnership with Japanese refrigeration systems importer and supplier Mtass Refrigeration (Mtass Ref) Corporation to sell SCM Frigo’s CO2 condensing units and racks in Japan.

The manufacturer confirmed its partnership with Mtass Ref in an interview with ATMOsphere CEO and Co-Founder Marc Chasserot at the recent HVAC&R Japan 2024 show held in Tokyo. ATMOsphere is the publisher of

The companies officially recognized the partnership by displaying SCM Frigo CO2 refrigeration equipment at a booth sponsored by Mtass Ref.

“We are probably the first European [CO2 refrigeration manufacturer] to sell our equipment in Japan,” said Alessandro Franchin, SCM Frigo’s Sales Director for the Asia Pacific region.

According to Franchin, the COequipment SCM Frigo supplies to Japan will be manufactured in Italy.

“We started our collaboration [with Mtass] in 2019,” Franchin said. “In 2020, we set up a Beijer CO2 refrigeration training academy here in Japan so we can support our customers and pass on our knowledge.”

“As [Mtass] recognized our leadership in CO2, we started a joint venture with them and now have five active working projects ‒ the last one installed about three months ago,” he added. “This [event] is the first time we have globally officialized our partnership with Mtass.”

During the interview, Chasserot noted that research published in ATMOsphere’s 2023 Market Report found that 10% of Japanese convenience stores and supermarkets had converted to CO2 refrigeration.

“So there’s a whole 90% to go and an opportunity clearly,” said Chasserot.

“It’s a very nice opportunity and the reason we need a local partner,” Franchin replied.

“A big thank you to Mtass Refrigeration for the support; we look forward to an exciting future together,” said Inderpal Saund, Beijer Ref’s Business Development Director APAC & SCM REF AU Sales Manager in a LinkedIn post.

SCM Frigo began producing CO2 refrigeration systems in 2004. The company’s first shipment of transcritical CO2 refrigeration equipment to Japan arrived in August 2020. The first installment was completed in February 2021 in a facility operated by Châteraisé, a Japanese French pastry chain.

“We are probably the first European [CO2 refrigeration manufacturer] to sell our equipment in Japan.”

Alessandro Franchi, SCM Frigo

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