CO2 Rack Scroll Compressors
SCM Frigo’s new rack system with Copeland scroll compressors along with its ATMOsphere label recognition.

SCM Frigo Launches CO2 Rack Equipped with Emerson’s Scroll Compressors

The rack is suitable for a wide range of retail applications.

Italian CO2 (R744) system manufacturer SCM Frigo installed its first CO2 refrigeration rack containing Emerson’s Copeland scroll compressors using vapor injection in a European supermarket, said Manfred Mahnert, International Business Development Manager for SCM Frigo at the 2023 EuroShop.

EuroShop was held from February 26 to March 2 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

SCM Frigo can accommodate on a single frame a wide range of refrigeration options using the Copeland scroll compressors, said Mahnert. “The smallest rack offers 12kW [3.4TR] medium-temperature and 5 kW [1.4TR] low-temperature applications that are suitable for convenience stores, while the biggest rack offers 65kW [18.5TR] medium temperature with 10 to 12kW [2.8 to 3.4TR] low temperature for supermarkets,” he added.

SCM Frigo plans to build 15 to 20 more CO2 racks with the Copeland brand scroll compressors this year, said Mahnert.

The new technology can increase compressor efficiency by up to 10%, said Mahnert, citing Emerson. Other advantages are the speed control of the compressor and a higher operating range than semi-hermetic compressors.

ATMOsphere Natural Refrigerants Label

At EuroShop, SCM Frigo displayed its CO2 scroll compressor rack with the company’s Natural Refrigerants Label from ATMOsphere, publisher of The label marks SCM Frigo as a global best-in-class manufacturer of natural refrigerant systems and components.

“In 2005, SCM Frigo started to develop systems with natural refrigerants because we understood the importance of being a pioneer in this technology focusing on sustainability,” said Nicola Pignatelli, Managing Director of SCM Frigo.

SCM Frigo designs and manufactures CO2 systems, including industrial and commercial racks, subcritical packs, condensing units, chillers and cascade systems for sale worldwide.

Established in 1979, SCM Frigo is based in Sant’Angelo di Piove di Sacco, Italy, with additional operations in South and Central America. Since 2011, SCM Frigo has been part of Swedish HVAC&R wholesaler Beijer Ref.

Simpler design

In September 2021, the U.S.-based manufacturer Emerson unveiled Copeland-branded vapor injection scroll compressors. Emerson has “built the principle of parallel compression into a compressor design; this has resulted in the ability to develop a design that is a lot [simpler] than before so you can see it as a two-in-one design,” said Sylvain Lamy, Vice President of Marketing, Emerson Commercial & Residential Solutions.

The Copeland CO2 scroll compressors offer up to 14% cost savings, said Emerson in 2021, with efficiency gains of up to 8% compared to “commonly used” compression technologies in current CO2 booster systems.

At the 2022 Chillventa trade show in Nuremberg, Germany, the manufacturer announced its plans to introduce its own modular refrigeration unit with the CO2 scroll compressors to the Europe market by early 2023, followed by a global rollout. The units are suitable for small- and medium-sized stores and promise “efficient and reliable operations in all climates,” said Emerson, adding that the units have been optimized for silent operation.

The small modular Copeland-branded units can be installed indoors or outdoors, packed or split, said Emerson, adding the gas cooler can be self-standing or placed vertically or horizontally.

“In 2005, SCM Frigo started to develop systems with natural refrigerants because we understood the importance of being a pioneer in this technology focusing on sustainability.”

Nicola Pignatelli, Managing Director of SCM Frigo

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