Freor’s R290-based, semi-vertical Pluton Space Island unit is from its New Design Line, which will be presented at EuroShop.
Freor’s R290-based, semi-vertical Pluton Space Island unit is from its New Design Line, which will be presented at EuroShop. (Source: Freor)

R290-Based Equipment Manufacturers to Showcase Products at EuroShop 2023

Freor, Emerson, Novum and Frascold are among the R290-equipment suppliers at the German trade show.

Freor, Emerson, Novum and Frascold are among the propane (R290)-based equipment suppliers that will be exhibiting at EuroShop 2023 in Düsseldorf, Germany, February 26 to March 2.

Held every three years, EuroShop staged its 2020 event just prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Freor, a Lithuanian manufacturer of refrigerated display cases and water loop systems, will be showcasing a new range of propane (R290)-based commercial refrigeration equipment and its Continuous Cooling technology.

Called the New Design Line, the new line of R290 plug-in cases, which will be presented for the first time, was developed with quality, energy efficiency and durability in mind, said Freor. The equipment’s dark and modern design will complement any store’s interior while also placing emphasis on the displayed products, the company added.

In an effort to further improve the performance of its commercial refrigeration equipment, Freor will also be unveiling its high-efficiency Continuous Cooling technology for the first time at EuroShop.

According to Freor, the technology includes an “innovative algorithm” for temperature control that ensures temperature stability inside a display case and helps achieve a high level of energy efficiency, reducing energy consumption by up to 50%.

The Continuous Cooling technology will be available for all of the manufacturer’s R290-based plug-and-play or water loop refrigeration equipment.

Higher R290 charge

In addition to its CO(R744) products, U.S. manufacturer Emerson will be displaying its Copeland R290-based horizontal scroll compressor for single-circuit display cases, with a refrigerant charge of up to 500g (1.1lb). This reflects the expected increase of the R290 charge limit in commercial display cases to 500g in Europe and other regions, following the global revision of the IEC 60335-2-89 safety standard.

The design of the variable-speed scroll compressor allows for compact installation at the top or bottom of a cabinet and enables “optimal cabinet management with precise case temperature control,” said Emerson. This feature offers energy savings of up to 19% compared to fixed-speed alternatives, it added.

Emerson will also present its new generation of Copeland R290 scroll compressors for commercial HVAC applications, offering retailers a “sustainable and efficient option for their stores’ space cooling and heating,” it said. To ensure year-round energy efficiency of reversible units and heat pumps, the manufacturer has integrated electronics and controls into the compressors.

ATMO Approved at EuroShop

Irish propane-based commercial cabinet maker Novum will be showcasing its new ATMO Approved label at its booth (F47 in Hall 15) at EuroShop.

Launched in June 2022 by ATMOsphere, publisher of, the ATMO Approved label highlights best-in-class manufacturers of natural refrigerant systems and components around the world.

Novum will also launch its new range of ultra-low energy eco-refrigeration at its stand on Tuesday, February 28, at 2 pm.

Focus on NatRefs

Natural refrigerants will be the focus of Italian component manufacturer Frascold at this year’s EuroShop, in particular its applicability in various applications, from CO2 in food processing and cold storage facilities to hydrocarbons in retail.

Following the updated IEC 60335-2-89 safety standard, hydrocarbons are gradually emerging as possible replacements for HFCs in the retail sector, explained Frascold.

The manufacturer says its ATEX piston compressor series is certified for use in hazardous areas and designed to make hydrocarbons even safer.

Having conducted numerous laboratory performance tests, the company is confident in both the energy consumption and safety of its compressors, which are designed to require minimal space to boost flexibility of application.

“We are excited about showcasing Frascold’s innovations at EuroShop both on our stand and through our partners,” said Livio Calabrese, Sales Director at Frascold. “What do we expect from this edition? To set increasingly ambitious standards in terms of performance and sustainability.”

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