TCO2 Condensing Units

TCO2 Condensing unit provides efficient cooling for small walk-in coolers and freezers in small format, convenience stores, and supermarkets. It can also provide cooling for small industrial applications like cold storage, food processing, and as a chiller

Zero Zone TCO2 Condensing units are optimized for retail and small industrial spaces with minimal cooling requirements.

They are designed to be precise and energy efficient.

  • Capacity: 3 tons to 12 tons
  • Operating Range: 10°F to 30°F
  • Ambient Conditions: -20°F to 105°F
  • Designed for: 130/90-bar


This unit is plug-and-play. More condensers can be added to increase the overall capacity.

This lightweight condensing unit can mount on most roofs without having to add supports or an added structure, making installation cost-effective.

Variable Speed Compressor
The compressor delivers a precise amount of cooling when needed, keeping your product at the right temperature 24/7.

Adiabatic or Dry Gas Cooling
Fully integrated factory installed package offering making the compressors more efficient. The short pipe runs reduce costs and limit refrigerant leaks, benefiting your budget.

TCO2 Condensing unit Product Sheet


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