Genesys™ CO2 Transcritical Systems

Zero Zone Genesys™ CO2 Transcritical Systems can be built to fit your needs. Whether indoor or outdoor, 1 ton or 500, hot climate or cold, commercial or industrial application, we can do it.
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Zero Zone Genesys™ CO2 Transcritical Systems (R-744) package systems can be indoors, outdoors, or build inside packaged machine rooms. They can be designed as condensing units or full racks, ranging from 1 ton to 500 tons. These systems have an operating range of -40°F to 40°F for ambient conditions ranging from -25°F to 110°F. Pair the unit with a water-cooled, air-cooled, or adiabatic gas cooler. The system uses compressors from Bitzer, Copeland, and Dorin, and a variety of control systems from Emerson, Danfoss, Micro Thermo, RDM, Carel, and Allen Bradley. We can incorporate secondary glycol loops, heat reclaim systems, and more.

Zero Zone offers CO2 solutions to meet various requirements for commercial and industrial customers, such as cold storage, food processing, chiller applications, pharmaceutical plants, and supermarkets. These CO2 systems operate in either subcritical or transcritical modes, and they can also be part of booster systems and cascade systems. Since 2012, Zero Zone has designed and built CO2 package systems for new and retrofit projects. CO2 is an efficient refrigerant with a low GWP, making it a smart choice that meets sustainability goals. The versatility of CO2 systems suits a variety of customers in warm and cool climates, and we have shipped these systems across the United States with great success.


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