Distributed Refrigeration System (EDGE)

The Edge™ Distributed System is the trusted choice for food retailers desiring a compact refrigeration system in the back room. The EDGE XT system provides similar flexibility for outdoor placement, whether on the roof or a concrete pad behind the store

Zero Zone’s Edge™ Distributed Refrigeration Systems offer flexibility and efficiency in a compact design, allowing for placement in proximity to your unique requirements.

  • Less piping: Shorter runs and potentially smaller line sizes
  • Lower refrigerant charge
  • Smaller efficient compressors for better capacity staging
  • Improved energy performance
  • Pre-installed in a separate house located where you desire it thus saving space
  • Reduced construction costs
  • Substantial tax benefits


Distributed refrigeration systems suit small retail spaces with limited refrigeration needs. Larger supermarket chains opt for multiple distributed systems to minimize environmental impact and refrigerant usage.

Flexible, Cost-Effective Design
Zero Zone Edge™ distributed systems bring design flexibility to your refrigeration setup. The unique system includes pre-piping of liquid dryers and suction filters, streamlining installation for cost-effectiveness.

Shorter Runs
Opt for distributed refrigeration systems over large, centralized ones to reduce installation costs. These smaller systems, strategically placed near cases or walk-ins, minimize the need for extensive piping throughout the store, providing a cost-effective solution for retailers.

Minimized Leak Potential
Smaller systems and reduced piping mean less refrigerant in the lines, minimizing the risk of refrigerant loss. Unlike larger traditional racks, distributed systems with fewer joints and shorter pipe runs help avoid potential store-wide refrigerant loss. Their cost-effective design eliminates the need for an expensive mechanical room, benefiting both your budget and the environment with decreased refrigerant usage and reduced leak potential.

Customized for Your Needs
Zero Zone offers custom solutions to meet diverse needs, whether it’s a horizontal or vertical electric cabinet, stacked compressors, circuit or loop piping, heat reclaim, split condensers, or other unique system features.


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