TCOS Coalescing Oil Separator

The Westermeyer Industries TCOS Coalescing Oil Separator series is designed and optimized for use with CO2 at transcritical pressures. These models feature powder-coated steel construction, and a maximum working pressure of 130 bar (1885 PSI).

The TCOS Coalescing Oil Separator from Westermeyer is designed to effectively separate oil from refrigerant gas (in this case CO2/R744) and return the oil to the compressor, ensuring system efficiency and reliability. The coalescing-style oil separator, accomplishes separation through the use of a replaceable coalescing filter element that is serviceable through a bolted top flange. These borosilicate glass filter elements are designed to be 99.5% effective at removing oil particles and system contaminants above 0.3 microns in size.

TCOS Coalescing Oil Separator With all-steel construction and a maximum working pressure of 130 bar (1885 PSI), the TCOS5-13 is optimized for use with CO2/R744 at transcritical pressures, often utilized in grocery store systems and similar applications. The TCO5-13 features 1-3/8” socket-weld connections and a 75oz capacity, but Westermeyer Industries also offers other TCOS models in a range of connection styles, sizes, and capacities.

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Oil Separators


Maximum Operating Pressure

1885 PSI

Temperature range

0°F to 300°F

Oil Charge amount


Height/diameters (mm/in.)


Efficiency rating


Filtration particulate retention rating

0.3 Micron

Connection size options (npt/mm)

1-3/8" Socket Weld

Minimum overheard clearance (mm/in.)



Transcritical CO2 Oil Separator


Westermeyer Industries



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