TA6-13 Suction-line Accumulator

The TA6-13 from Westermeyer is a suction-line accumulator designed to act as a temporary holding vessel between the evaporator and the inlet of the compressor to protect the compressor during flood-back conditions. This unit features powder-coated solid steel construction and is designed for transcritical CO2 applications, with a maximum working pressure of 90 bar (1305 PSI).

The TA6-13 Suction-line Accumulator from Westermeyer is used to prevent costly damage to the compressor from liquid slugging during a flood-back condition. Westermeyer accumulators capture excess liquid leaving the evaporator, allowing the system to vaporize it during normal operation, returning only refrigerant vapor to the compressor. A weep hole is included on the internal tube to facilitate proper oil return from the accumulator to the operating system.

The accumulator is placed between the evaporator and compressor to intercept excess liquid. The Westermeyer TA6-13 suction-line accumulator is specifically designed for use with CO2/R744 at transcritical pressures. It features ODS connections, powder-coated steel construction, and a maximum working pressure of 90 bar (1305 PSI). Contact Westermeyer Industries for more information.


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