RDP-01T Differential Pressure Monitor

The RDP-01T Differential Pressure Monitor is part of the Refri-Shield™️ line of system monitoring products. It is designed to indicate when the filter element of a coalescing oil separator needs to be serviced and replaced by measuring the pressure differential across the inlet and outlet. This model features transducers designed for use with CO2 systems at transcritical pressures. 

Westermeyer RDP-01T Differential Pressure Monitor When the filter element of a coalescing oil separator is contaminated, performance and efficiency are negatively affected. A differential pressure monitor is used to monitor, both visually and electronically, when the filter is contaminated and needs to be replaced. 

The Refri-Shield™️ RDP-01T Differential Pressure Monitor is factory-calibrated for accuracy using a proprietary patent-pending process. It includes heavy-duty stainless steel pressure transducers designed for use with CO2/R744 systems at transcritical pressures and features a multicolored LED readout indicating pressure range and an analog output for precise pressure monitoring. This device’s case is both dust and weather resistant and comes equipped with 6-foot pressure-transducer cables and a 6-foot power cable, allowing for significant versatility in its placement.

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Controller, inverter & sensors

Refri-Shield™ RDP-01 Differential Pressure Monitor

Equipment focus (racks, cases, etc)

Rack – Pressure Differential Monitor

Metrics controlled (temperature, pressure)

Maximum Working Pressure: 2,175 PSIG

Remote monitoring?


Proprietary or open architecture?


Valves controlled


Variable-speed control?


Automatic fault detection?


Communication type

Voltage Output; 0.5—4.5V at 0—20 PSID; Minimum Accepted Load: 500 ohms. +/- 2 PSID accuracy.

Operating temperature range

Electronics Enclosure Ambient: -40°F to 175°F; Transducer Ambient: -22°F to 185°F; Transducer Refrigerant: -40°F to 275°F

Power consumption


Sensor: ppm range of gas detected


Type of sensor



Pressure Differential Monitor for Coalescing Oil Separators in Transcritical CO2 Applications

Certification? UL/CE



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