Plate & Shell Heat Exchanger

The Vahterus Plate & Shell heat exchanger is the forerunner in heat exchanger technology; compact and manufactured to a high standard of quality. At the heart of our heat exchanger is a fully welded pack of circular plates, with pressure containment achieved using a strong, unique shell construction. With its construction, the Vahterus Plate & Shell heat exchanger combines the best features of Plate Heat exchanger and Shell & Tube exchangers.
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The Vahterus Plate & Shell heat exchanger is designed and manufactured according to customer demands and wishes. To find the best solution for the customer, from design to sizing, customer requirements and application-specific demands are taken into account. Based on the knowledge in heat transfer theory, their own laboratory tests and strong practical experience the optimal sizing always guarantees customers the best possible heat exchanger solution while keeping the heat exchanger size, material used and costs at minimum. Vahterus’ production control system connected to the automated production process enables flexible production and short delivery times. The highly skilled and trained  personnel are equipped with strong practical experience help us guarantee reliable, consistent and durable products for our customers.

Features of the Vahterus Plate & Shell heat exchanger

  1. High pressure and high temperature capability: With its round and fully welded construction, Vahterus unit offers a durable solution that can stand high pressures and temperatures.
  2. Compact size: Vahterus PSHE requires only 25% of the surface compared to Shell & Tube heat exchangers, however, it is possible to construct PSHE exchangers with over 2000 m² of heat transfer area. The compact size of the Vahterus PSHE minimizes installation, operating and maintenance costs, which again saves energy and the environment.
  3. Robust and gasket-free construction: The gasket-free construction is durable enough for the hardest conditions and prevents maintenance issues and no leakages in very high / low pressures and temperatures.
  4. High thermal efficiency: The construction of the Vahterus PSHE creates high turbulence between the plates, which enables very high thermal efficiency. This allows user to take full advantage of a compact heat transfer solution in extremes of temperature and pressure, which was not possible in traditional compact heat exchangers.

Product Variations

  1. Plate & Shell – Fully welded: This heat exchanger with a gasket-free shell construction offers significant space saving compared to Shell &Tube heat exchangers.
  2. Plate & Shell – Openable: The Openable version offers increased flexibility of use by allowing the fully welded plate pack to be completely withdrawn from the shell for inspection or cleaning. This is achieved by the use of a flanged and bolted shell construction. The cassette type plate pack allows quick and easy removal and refitting, thus, ensuring that process downtime is kept to a minimum.
  3. Plate & Shell Compact: The model was developed by Vahterus to offer an even more compact unit than the standard PSHE construction. By using a clever system of internal flow directors, it is possible to have all 4 primary and secondary fluid connections on one end of the unit, which reduces the required space even further.
  4. Plate & Shell Systems: The Vahterus Plate and Shell systems includes a unique droplet separator, which brings about space savings compared to traditional models.
  5. Plate & Shell Combined:  The Combined solution integrates the evaporator and separation system within a single vessel, which makes installation easier. Vahterus Combined is an excellent solution when space is very limited.
  6. Plate & Shell EGE (Exhaust gas economizer): The EGE is an efficient and economical solution for exhaust gas recovery.

Applications, PSHE Fully welded and Openable

  1. Condensers
  2. Evaporators
  3. Cascades (evaporator-condenser–model)
  4. Gas / liquid

Applications, PSHE Compact

  1. Liquid / liquid
  2. Condensers
  3. End-use areas with minimum space, for example, portable cooling and steam unit.
  4. Replacing plate or shell & tube heat exchangers





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