TripleAqua Heat Pump

TripleAqua heat pump unit is designed as VRF successor. It is a plug-and-play concept. The heat pump uses just three water pipes of small sizes to all the rooms in need of heating and / or cooling and feeds efficiently storage water tanks as well as providing hot shower water too
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TripleAqua Heat Pump consists of an outdoor unit, 3 pipe fan coils, or cassettes, specially developed for high heat / cold transfer. As the system is based on the water loop you can also connect the outdoor unit to any amount of AHUs, floor heating or cooling ceilings, or other consumers you need. Outdoor units come in a heating range from 74 – 500kW.
Typical applications can be commercial buildings, utility, shopping centres, offices, hotels, medical buildings and equivalent, where a heating and cooling demand is occurring, mutually or in sequence.

There is big potential in the renovation sector, where high-temperature lift is needed for the transition from gas burners into a greener future. That is why we work in parallel on the Hight temperature heat pump solution based on TripleAqua benefits. These units generate up to 80°C central heating with the return of 40°C and with a bivalent point at -10°C.

TripleAqua high temperature heat pumps fit well to older large central heating systems where boilers are fully replaced or planned as a hybrid addition. The model range is physically identical to the standard TripleAqua series but as every renovation project has different settings and unique requirements, we calculate and customize the thermal properties to your project. Multiple units may operate in a cascade to match the MW’s.


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