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TLK-Thermo GmbH offers a broad range of services that support you and your company to develop and improve thermal systems with natural refrigerants. On TLK’s various test benches the company carries out measurements of individual components or entire systems for its customers. Based on these measurements TLK thermo creates highly accurate, physical simulation models for components or complete systems. Using these tailor-made models or models from TLK’s extensive library, the company carries out simulation studies for example to compare components or to evaluate system configurations. TLK develops platform-independent customer specific software. The company’s range of expertise includes software for physical modeling, visualization of measurement data and simulation results, as well as software for the interoperability of different simulation tools. TLK offers engineering and consulting services on thermodynamic issues and develops and optimizes control systems for various thermal systems.
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TLK-Thermo Services operates various test benches for the investigation of thermodynamic issues. This includes test benches for compressors, heat pumps, ejector systems, other components and systems. Refrigerants in use are propane, CO2 and conventional refrigerants.

As for TLK’s refrigerant compressor test benches, the company is able to perform highly dynamic control using innovative concepts. They are used, for example, for time-lapse tests in long-term operation. Due to TLK’s many years of experience with refrigerant compressors, the company is able to use its test benches in continuous operation for highly dynamic time-lapse tests or thermal cycling investigations. Degradation effects are evaluated online on the test bench and compared in real time with empirical values or as a software-in-the-loop model. This allows aging effects as well as damage to be detected at an early stage.

TLK-Thermo Services’ engineering services in the field of modeling and simulation are based on the company’s extensive experience with different kinds of thermodynamic systems, including supermarkets, heat pumps, HVAC units, industrial refrigeration system, vehicles, buildings, power plants, heat recovery systems and tumble dryers. TLK applies its extensive knowledge in the areas of mathematical methods, physical modeling and visualization for our computer simulations.

TLK-Thermo uses computer simulations to support its customers in the conceptual design, dimensioning and detailed planning of thermal components and systems. TLK can carry out basic feasibility studies or run simulations with the goal to optimize existing systems in terms of costs, energy consumption or dynamic behavior. The company also develops and optimizes operating strategies and control concepts. TLK uses Python, DaVE or the respective tools inherent to the simulation program used for evaluating simulations, from the graphical representation of results to automated reporting. The simulation projects by default include a presentation of the methods and models used.





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