CO2 Heat Pumps

The TCHP-series from Tequs features 8 models of COheat pumps that are pre-filled with CO2 and oil, ranging from 17-268kW.  The product series can cover all needs of comfort heating, comfort cooling, domestic hot water, heating or cooling for industrial purpose, or simultaneous heating and cooling. Its unique design allows for up to 50°C return temperature out of the box, or up to 60°C with our hydronic kit. All units are modular and can be connected in parallel to achieve more than 2.5MW capacity. All units are delivered with a monitoring system and a sim card for immediate connection once the power is connected.
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TCHP features

  • CO2 refrigerant
  • Prefilled and ready for commission
  • Simultaneous, numerous variable temperatures with hydronic kit
  • Reversible
  • Simultaneous heating and cooling
  • Enables heat recovery from countless sources
  • Outlet temperatures 80 – 90°C
  • Return temperature up to 50°C directly – 60°C with hydronic kit
  • Remote monitoring system
  • 4/5G sim card included
  • BMS connectivity with ModBus and BacNet
  • 10” touch screen
  • Small footprint
  • TeqControl capacity regulation
  • Ejector
  • Can be tested at testing facility according to customer specifications before shipping

Number of compressors

  • TCHP17: 1
  • TCHP28: 1
  • TCHP42: 1
  • TCHP53: 1
  • TCHP78: 1
  • TCHP114: 1
  • TCHP134: 1
  • TCHP268: 2

Safety features

  • Flow switch for both cold and hot sides
  • HP/LP pressure switches
  • Frost protection for water outlet of evaporator or suction pressure
  • Start of water pump even if the heat pump is off if temperature becomes too low
  • Bitzer IQ system monitoring oil, temperatures, and compressor pressures


  • TCHP17-42: W 690 x L 1462 x H 1913
  • TCHP53-78: W 690 x L 2100 x H 1913
  • TCHP 114-134: W 690 x L 2400 x H 1913
  • TCHP268: W 890 x L 3000 x H 1913

Heating capacity

  • 17-268kW with one unit
  • 2680kW with units in parallel

Cooling capacity

  • 17-268kW with one unit
  • 2680kW with units in parallel

Hydronic kits

  • All technical aspects on the water side in one frame.
  • Enables multiple applications simultaneously.
  • Can be built with subcooling of return from heating system to ensure that the return temperature does not become too high for the heat pump, and recovers heat, enabling return temperatures of 60°C



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