Sealed Coalescent Oil Separator

The 900 model from temprite is a sealed coalescent oil separator that has a service port in addition to the inlet, outlet and oil return ports. The model 900 has a maximum working pressure of 45bar (650PSI) and is compatible with most refrigerants including hydrocarbons.

The model 900 sealed coalescent oil separator from Temprite is designed to remove oil from refrigeration systems and return it to the compressor, resulting in shorter compressor run times, reduced energy consumption and the highest possible return on investment. Because of its size, the model 900 is often used in scientific freezers.

The sole purpose of the oil is to lubricate the compressor. When oil circulates instead, it builds up a film on the internal surfaces of heat exchangers and acts as an insulator. This robs the system of efficiency and raises energy consumption. Coalescing separators are capable of removing 95% to 99% of the oil component of mass flow. The glass fiber filter material is capable of exciting the smallest oil molecules. The fiber material forces the molecules to collide and form larger droplets which fall to the bottom of the separator to drain back to the compressor.

The hermetic Model 900 Sealed Coalescent Oil Separator is used primarily in Ultra Low Temperature scientific freezers, including those used for storing COVID-19 vaccines. The 900 series oil separators can also be used with hydrocarbons and traditional refrigerants.


R744 (subcritical) and hydrocarbons.

Operating pressure

MWP: 44.8 bar (650 PSI)

Operating temperature

Max Temp: 160°C (320°F)

Oil Charge amount

445 ml (15 fluid oz.)


H 210 mm (8.25 in.) D: 102 mm (4 in.)


1.27 Liters (0.34 Gallons)

Efficiency rating

98.5% + nominal separation

Filtration particulate retention rating

0.3 microns

Connection size options

ODS: 9.53 mm (.375 in.)

Filter Access Clearance

N/A (Hermetic)


PED (CE Marked), UL and UL Canada, CRN, AU


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