920/920R Coalescent Oil Separator Series

The Temprite 920 and 920R Series coalescent oil separators are designed and manufactured for compatibility with ammonia (NH3) refrigeration systems, and feature the innovative Temprite filtration system. All oil separators, oil level controls and oil reservoirs are rated for 650 PSI.

Technical specifications of the Temprite 920/920R Coalescent Oil Separator Series for ammonia refrigeration

  • 920 Series: 8 models available
  • 920 R Series: 8 models available
  • Maximum working pressure: 650 PSIG (45 bar)
  • All ammonia-compatible components (no copper, copper-plated, bronze, or soldered parts)
  • Top-accessible coalescing filters for easy filter changes


  • Maintains consistent 98%+ oil separation efficiency down to 20% of maximum flow
  • Performs with equal efficiency in all types of systems: In ultra-low temperature applications, even or uneven multiplex systems, dual suction systems, low, medium and A/C, during refrigeration load shifting/matching
  • High efficiency performance reduces energy consumption by enabling better heat transfer through the coils, translating into significant kW savings
  • Temprite 920/920R Coalescent Oil Separator Standard Filter technology captures contaminants down to 0.3 microns in size


  • Commercial refrigeration

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Ammonia, CO2

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