239A Coalescent Oil Separator

The capacity of the model 239A is ideal for industrial-sized systems such as refrigerated warehouses, large ice rinks or sporting venues. The model 239A is designed for transcritical CO2 applications and has a maximum working pressure of 130bar (1885PSI). This model comes in multiple connection types such as: MPT, BW and ODS.

Building on the success of the existing 130 series products, the Model 239A Coalescent Oil Separator can handle twice the refrigeration capacity of the model 139A, but it does not take up twice the space. It utilizes the same high efficiency coalescing filter technology that makes the Temprite 130 series oil separators so effective. The model 239A coalescent oil separator is specifically designed for transcritical CO2 high-medium- and low-temperature applications. It is designed to remove oil from the refrigeration gas flow by using three filters. Then, the oil is returned to the compressor. The main purpose of the oil is to lubricate the moving parts of the compressor. When oil circulates through the system instead, it builds up a film on the internal surfaces of the heat exchangers and acts as an insulator. This robs the system of efficiency, raises energy consumption, and lowers the available refrigerant volume in the evaporator. The compressor must run longer to achieve the desired Net Refrigeration Effect. Coalescing separators are capable of removing 95% to 99% of the oil component of mass flow.

The capacity of the Model 239A Coalescent Oil Separator makes it ideal for industrial-sized transcritical CO2 systems such as refrigerated warehouses, large ice rinks, or sporting venues. The 239A (rated for 130 bar service) has twice the capacity of the Model 139A, but it does not occupy twice the space. Like most of the 130A series, it has a replaceable filter with easy top access.


R744 (subcritical & transcritical)

Operating pressure

MWP: 130 bar (1885 PSI)

Operating temperature

160°C – 0°C (320°F – 32°F)

Oil Charge amount

9.3 Liters (2.46 Gallons)

Height/diameters (mm/in.)

H: 1160 mm (45.67 in.) D: 324 mm (12.8 in.)

Volume (l/gal)

68.14 Liters (16.15 Gallons)

Filtration particulate retention rating

.3 microns

Connection size options (npt/mm)

BW/MPT: 50.8 mm (2 in.) – 63.5 mm (2.5 in) ODS: 53.98 mm (2.125 in.) – 66.68 mm (2.625 in.)

Filter Access Clearance (mm/in.)

457 mm (18 in.)


CE Marked (complies with PED 2014/68/EU), UL listed, ASME available, CRN and AU in process.


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