Super Green CO2 unit

Super Green, the first Japan-made CO2 unit, guarantees stable operation under hot summer conditions. It also achieves high energy savings on yearly basis.The Super Green series consists of condensing unit, brine and water chiller or condensing unit for freezer. Since its launch in 2015, the references are spread nationwide in Japan. The applications are for cold warehouses, logistic centers, frozen food factories, margarine factories, breweries or chemical industries. The Super Green got several awards including the energy saving award in Japan and the environmentally friendly award.

The Super Green CO2 unit from Nihon Netsugen Systems has the following outstanding features:

  • Stable operation even over 40℃ ambient temperature
  • Yearly energy saving -20 ~ -40% compared with R22 unit
  • Air-cooled system no need for cooling water

Series specifications:

  • Cooling temperature range: -45 ℃~+15℃
  • Cooling capacity: 34kW~252kW

Types of Product series:

  • Condensing unit
  • Brine and water chiller
  • Condensing unit for freezer


  • Cold warehouse
  • Logistic center
  • Frozen food factory
  • Margarine factory
  • Brewery
  • Chemical factory
  • Pharmaceutical factory

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Nihon Netsugen Systems



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