SGT-P – Portable Ammonia Gas Detector

The SGT-P portable ammonia gas detector is the ideal solution for personal ammonia detection. The device is light weight and compact with an ergonomic design, making it an ideal personal detection device. The SGT-P portable ammonia gas detector is a maintainable device with replaceable batteries, reducing monitor downtime and environmentally friendly. Thus delivering an unlimited operational lifetime

Senko SGT-P portable ammonia gas detector is the ideal solution for personal protection against ammonia gas leaks. The sensor is incredibly light weight weighing in at 93g. In addition the SGT-P portable ammonia gas detector utilises industry leading long sensor life and robust housing design. This ensures that you have a portable gas detector that will withstand the harshest conditions, such as industrial refrigeration.

Live Gas Readings and Easy Interface

Unlike many portable ammonia gas detectors available on the market, the SGT-P provides the user with current live gas readings rather than what time is left on the battery. This ensures users know exactly what the concentration is in the current environment. The display is a at a glance, easy to read, LCD display with a backlight option.

Furthermore our SGT-P offers users with a simple one button operation and user friendly interface. This means there is little training required on the use of the portable ammonia gas detector, reducing worker downtime. All alarm records can be downloaded to a PC for HSE reporting.

Manufacturer Guarantee

The SGT-P portable NH3 gas detector has a leading 24 month warranty from despatch. In addition to this the ammonia sensors have an industry leading 3-5 year lifetime. This ensures that when you buy a SGT-P ammonia gas detector from IGD, you are guaranteed to have a monitor that will withstand even the harshest environments.

Maintainable and Service

Unlike many NH3 monitors available on the market, the SENKO SGT-P is a maintainable portable ammonia gas detector. This allows you to replace the batteries and sensor element when they become end of life. Environmentally friendly and giving you unlimited operational lifetime!

In addition we offer flexible service contracts to help maintain your ammonia gas detector. We will ensure that we will have your NH3 gas detector serviced and calibrated within 48hrs of arriving at IGD.

IGD Senko SGT-P portable ammonia gas detector Specification:

  • Measuring Type – Electrochemical Cell
  • Measuring range – 0~100ppm
  • Temperature range – -40°C to +50°C
  • Battery – Lithium Ion battery
  • Material – Polycarbonate and rubber
  • Weight – 93g
  • Dimensions – 54 (w) x 91 (H) x 32 (D) mm
  • Approval – ATEX II 1G Exia IIC T4 Ga |, ECEx Exia lIC T4

Datasheet for more information


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