CO2 Transcritical rack

CO2 refrigeration racks by Refra can be manufactured according to the requirements of the customer. Refra transcritical CO2 racks are versatile and have a wide range of power selection options, therefore they can be fully tailored to the needs of a customer. The cooling capacity ranges from 15 kW to 800 kW and the unit can be assembled on various frames – from open type frame to closed walk-in container. On request, CO2 units can be equipped with a supplementary hydraulic module, additional water storage tank, heat recovery option, gas cooler, or a building management system for an easier refrigeration system monitoring and control.
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The customizable CO2 transcritical rack from Refra is designed mainly for the commercial industry, but due to the many available options, it can be adapted for industrial use too. Refra CO2 rack systems are designed with reliable refrigeration technologies that are well-tested and proven in the market. The customer can choose from 7 different types of CO2 transcritical racks – smaller and bigger ones, either for indoor or outdoor installation.

CO2 racks for smaller applications, such as small retail stores or gas stations, are built on a small (usually vertical) frame and can be assembled with 3 to 4 compressors, providing up to 75 kW of a cooling capacity split between medium temperature and low temperature refrigeration.

CO2 racks for large applications such as immense supermarkets, logistic centers, factories are built on a fully customizable frame and can be placed outdoors, offering easy installation and various energy saving solutions. The cooling capacity of these racks ranges from 50 kW to 800 kW.

Refra CO2 racks are built on a rigid frame, designed for easy maintenance and durability. Comprehensive frame construction is assembled with high-quality EC fan motor technology, finned tube heat exchangers, and reciprocating compressors. The galvanized steel and powder coated frame with a reliable insulation material ensures proper unit protection as well as noise reduction. Additional 50 mm rock wool material can be supplemented for a super silent unit operation with double insulation. A special “reach-in” container option for outdoor installation provides convenient installation and efficient unit service.

GREEN SOLUTIONS | This unit is a part of Refra‘s environmentally friendly product group, as it is made using CO2 refrigerant. Such low GWP solutions are designed to have better efficiencies and capacities, as well as less environmental damage.


Based on customer request.

Frame type

Welded frame, made of powder coated galvanised steel or a special walk-in container.


From 50kW up to 800kW

Compressor type and number

Reciprocating compressors

Frequency inverter

On lead compressor.


Danfoss or Carel controls

Oil separator

High-performance separation chamber + coalescent filter

Type of Piping

Copper, Stainless steel


Dual High Pressure and Flash Gas valves


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