I/V29982PEU.ECO Valve for Hydrocarbon systems

I/V29982PEU.ECO is the valve core developed by Record specifically for usage in R290/R600 systems (HC gases), it is compliant with ISO 14903 norm in terms of tightness of sealing parts for refrigeration systems and accordingly passed tests of compatibility with PVE Polyvinylether oil type FW68S. Its patented design guarantees a better and longer sealing mechanism than the normal valve core under more extreme temperature and pressure values, due to a controlled rubber compression and deformation inside the elastic range. The operating pressure is up to 60 bar (870psi), the static resistance up to 200 bar (2900psi) and the temperature thresholds are -40°C and +150°C.

The I/V29982PEU.ECO valve core is designed to be used in especially R290 systems.

The main design feature that differentiates this model from the standard valve cores on the market and which also object of a patent, is the shape of the metal case back which, when in compression, reduces the pressure insisting only on the inner gasket allowing it to withstand higher values and for longer. Furthermore, the valve core is composed of two bodies assembled, so that when it is screwed and unscrewed in its cone the outer gasket is not subject to the torquing forces, in this way the rubber maintains its strengths and properties for much longer. Also, this feature implies a much better sealing in dynamic environments with frequents and sudden changes in pressure and temperature.

We manufacture the valve internally and the leakage testing is provided on 100% of the models before shipping. For additional guarantee of preventing leakage, we advise to source from us also the brass fitting.

The barrel, nickel plated, and the plug are realized in brass and they are available also in lead-free version. The gasket, both outer and inner one, are made in green HNBR.

Thread Standard

E.T.R.T.O. / ISO TR C1

Raw Materials

Barrel: CW614 Brass
Pin: CW612 Brass
Swivel: CW612 Brass
Spring: AISI 302 Steel
Inner Gasket: HNBR
Outer Gasket: HNBR

Pin Opening Travel

1,5 – 1,8 mm (0,06 – 0,07 inches)

Spring Load

>200grams (0,44 pounds)

Torque Force

0,4-0,5 N m (0,3 0,4 p ft)

Operating Pressure

up to 60bar (870psi)

Static Pressure

up to 200bar (2900psi)

Temperature Threshold

Between -40°C and +150°C

Working Temperature

Between -35°C and +145°C

Air Flow Rate, measured at 7bar (100psi)

12 m^3/h , 200 lt/minute





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