CO2 Service Tee

Tee copper fittings are used in refrigeration systems to connect three pipes or tubes. NDL’s UL-listed fittings are made of high-quality C19400 copper, which is a strong and durable material that is resistant to corrosion and can withstand high temperatures and pressures. These Tee fittings are made specifically for installing a service valve on a tube. They are easy to install and provide a tight, leak-free seal. Suitable for service valves with 10 mm stainless steel stubs (for example, NDL CO2-HS10).

NDL’s CO2 Service Tee advantages over regular fittings:

  • Fewer Parts Used
  • Fewer operations are required to install the service valve.
  • Reduces the number of possible leakage points.
  • Perfect fit, no need to drill or expand fittings.

When working with CO2 refrigeration systems, it’s important to consider the high-pressure levels involved. Access ports commonly used in regular refrigeration systems may not be suitable for use with CO2 systems, as the Schrader valve seal can break under pressure, necessitating the venting of the entire line.

To avoid this issue, it is recommended to use a service valve that can be closed, enabling workers to easily connect and disconnect equipment as needed. While installing a service valve may require more time upfront, it is generally preferred by workers who regularly service

Our Tee fittings are designed specifically for the installation of service valves, streamlining the process, and ensuring a secure, leak-free seal. By using a service valve and our specialized fitting, you can prevent high-pressure problems and make your work more efficient.


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Size Range

From 3/8” up to 2-1/8”


Air conditioning and refrigeration. Designed for high-pressure applications,
especially for CO (R744) systems.


Copper alloy CuFe2P C19400

Maximum operating pressure

130 Bar / 13 MPa / 1885 PSI at 150°C

Operating Temperature

-196° C to 150° C / -320° F to 302° F

Burst Pressure

>390 Bar/ >39 MPa/>5656 PSI

Tube compatibility

Compatible with main pipe types manufactured from copper iron alloys
available on the market.


NDL industries



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