The Aquilon CRAC for Data Centers utilizes M&M Carnot’s patented rain cycle economizer for cooler days and leverages the capabilities and efficiency gains of COrefrigerant on warmer days, to cool data centers.
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M&M Carnot Aquilon Crac Customer Benefits

  • Free cooling with CO2, without recirculation pump
  • Non-toxic & Non-flammable natural refrigerant
  • Future proof natural refrigerant avoids high GWP regulations
  • Higher heat capacity requires smaller pipes and components while increasing performance
  • High pressures of CO2 remove restrictions of building height for pipe runs
  • Refrigerant is naturally pumped with innate pressure from CO2, removing need for recirculation pumps

M&M Carnot Aquilon Crac Design Features

  • Patented rain cycle economizer mode using thermosiphon principle
  • Economizer standard on all units
  • No refrigeration pump required
  • Significant reduction in footprint than synthetic systems
  • Less piping required compared to synthetic refrigerants
  • Adiabatic condenser option available when required
  • Available in Upflow, downflow, and other configurations

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