Aquilon Chill

The Aquilon Chill Transcritical CO2 package is designed for the rigors of industrial chiller systems and applications.
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M&M Carnot Aquilon Chill Transcritical CO2 package Customer Benefits

  • Regulatory cost and burden are significantly reduced
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Significant reduction in maintenance
  • Single-point power connection
  • Full access doors for commissioning, start-up and service
  • Optional built-in pumping station
  • Insulated vessels and piping

M&M Carnot Aquilon Chill  Design Features

  • Cooling capacities from 50 to 500 tons
  • Microprocessor or PLC-based control systems with HMI and remote monitoring
  • Heat reclaim benefits
  • High-pressure design eliminates the need for a back-up generator and synthetic condensing unit during off-cycle
  • Single heat exchanger (shell and tube) or multiple heat exchangers (brazed plate)
  • Pumped direct CO2 design available for ice rink applications
  • Transcritical semi-hermetic compressors
  • High-efficiency oil management system with multiple coalescing separator
  • VFD on lead compressors
  • Flexible for different control systems
  • Superheat and liquid sub cooler
  • Direct heat recovery (HVAC)
  • Snow melt
  • Domestic hot water
  • Sub slab warming
  • Process heating

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