ECO2Large Refrigeration

Eco2Large refrigeration pack is designed for applications in medium to large size stores. The cooling capacity can be adjusted from 80kW to 180kW for medium temperatures and from 12kW to 60 kW for low temperature applications. The new pack is a highly standardised unit that offers the possibility to select different types of options, such as the innovative FTE 2.0 and ETE patented systems, directly integrated in the pack, as well as standard options such as heat recovery and backup units.

ECO2Large Refrigeration Pack Highlights

  • Transcritical standard pack from Epta for medium and large cooling capacities.
  • Available with innovative technologies like FTE 2.0 and ETE.
  • With standardized options and fixed compressor configurations for a wide field of applications
  • It is possible to choose 4 or 5 Bitzer compressors.

ECO2LARGE Standardized Pack with R744 product brochure




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