iGAS CO2 Portable Gas Detector

iGAS CO2 is a Portable Carbon Dioxide gas detector designed to protect personnel from toxic levels of CO2, whether for confined spaces, PPE, delivery drivers or backups to fixed equipment. With a leading 14 day run time for each charge.

IGD iGAS CO2 Portable Gas Detector is a portable gas detector that continuously monitors for dangerous levels of carbon dioxide in a light weight, compact portable format. The iGAS utilises low powered NDIR sensor technology to provide fast and accurate detection of carbon dioxide. The iGAS personal CO2 monitor boasts a light weight and compact design, which has an ingress protection of 68. In addition, it boasts the longest battery life on the market with a run time of up to 14 days on a single charge.

IGD iGAS CO2 Portable Gas Detector Specifications 

    • Model Type – Portable
    • Sensing Range – 0-5% VOL or 0-50,000ppm
    • Weight – 93g
    • Size – 54 (W) x 91 (h) x 32(D) mm
    • Detection – NDIR non-dispersive infrared
    • Warranty – 2 years
    • Detector life – 5 years+
    • Temperature range – -20 degrees C to +50 degrees C
    • Alarm type – Vibration, visual and sounder
    • Approval – CE

iGAS Personal CO2 Monitor Data Sheet



Type of sensor

Infrared, carbon dioxide


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