750 Safe Area Ammonia Gas Detector

IGD’s TOC-750 safe area gas detector provides a continuous detector for Ammonia in a compact, non-ATEX format. This device is ideal for implementation in chilled warehouses and almost everywhere in the refrigeration industry. The 750 safe area detectors can be fitted with splash guards, providing extra protection for your sensor to ensure it isn’t affected by accidental spills and splashes.

IGD-750 safe area ammonia gas detector utilises our ground-breaking Sentinel+™ communication, all detectors are connected on a single 2-Core cable for both power and communication. This ensures more secure connection with the digital communication and less cabling allowing for a 70% cost saving.

IGD-750 safe area addressable ammonia gas detectors have multiple input and output options on the actual sensor. This means one detector can control up to 7 other devices including but not limited to: other gas detectors, slam switches, beacon sounders, gas supply valves, analogue devices (third party included), displays and much more. Thus, providing you with a versatile detector, reduced installation and cabling requirements and much needed distributed control without the need for expensive I/O cards.

The moulded detector front incorporates an in-built baffle/splash guard. This ensures the detector is protected by a labyrinth arrangement. Gas can migrate in, but harmful dirt and splashes cannot. This extends detector life and always ensures peak performance. The moulding and final assembly also seals the detector compartment away from the terminal box and electronics compartment. This ensures corrosive gasses, moisture etc cannot penetrate where they could cause damage.

IGD Ammonia systems can be fitted with the latest ionic ammonia gas sensors. These sensors offer effective detection in temperatures as low as -40°C and harsh environments. Sensor ranges are available up to 5000ppm. This new line of sensors resolves the issues of short life spans and low maximum range of the existing consumable Ammonia sensors in the market, making them perfect for the refrigeration industry.


  • Model Type – Fixed Gas Detector (diffusion)
  • Sensing range – 0-100ppm, 0-500ppm, 0-1000ppm and 0-5000ppm
  • Weight – 1.35kg
  • Size –
  • Sensor type – ionic ammonia
  • Warranty – 10 years on electronics,
  • Detector life – 5+ years
  • Temperature range – -40°C – +55°C
  • Alarm type – Requires IGD control panel. Can connect audible/visual alarms to the sensor.
  • Approval – CE, 2004/108/EC (EMC Directive), 2014/35/EU (Low Voltage Directive), EN 50270, IEC 60079-0:2017, IEC 60079-29-1:2016, EN 50721, EN 61010

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