NH3 Liquid Level Sensor

HB Products offers a wide range of capacitive level sensors for refrigeration and industrial use. Due to the capacitive principle the sensors are optimized and calibrated for different groups of liquids and different working conditions. All types are suited for measuring of liquid levels in gas or air.

HB Products Level Sensor

All sensors consist of a mechanical and an electrical part. The mechanical part has no moving elements, and it can have different shapes and length. The electrical part is either pre-calibrated or easy to calibrate versions. All the sensors can be supplied in a special version for direct valve control of a liquid valve. All sensors must be supplied with 24 V AC/DC.

Most of the electronic units are suitable for wet and low ambient temperatures due to a built-in heater which will protect it against condensation.

The mechanical parts are manufactured up to 3000 mm length in a rigid rod version and for longer applications we have flexible wire version which can be used in standpipes from 250 mm to 6 m length. Most of the sensors has a ¾” or ½” connection with different thread types and normally rated for 100 or 150 bar pressure.

Most of the sensors can be equipped with a special 2 wire electronic unit suited for hazardous environments and comply with the IECEx specifications.

HB Products Liquid Level Sensor – Technical data for Type: HBLT-A3

HBLT-A3 capacitive liquid level transmitters are used to measure liquid levels in refrigerant vessels, Heat Pumps and other industrial applications. The sensor transmits a current signal from 4 to 20 mA (4 mA when the transmitter does not register liquid – and 20 mA when the entire transmitter is surrounded by liquid).

HBLT-A3 is an intelligent sensor with a built-in microprocessor. It emits a 4-20 mA signal, which is proportional to the sensor’s preset range of measurement. Apart from the 4-20 mA signal the sensor also has a built-in controller. The controller can be configured with all the parameters necessary for controlling a modulating motor valve, stepper valve or a PWM valve.

Available as 2-wire sensor with ATEX / IECEx certificate (This version is without LED display)

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