Hansen Pop-Eye™ Insight Pressure Relief Valve with Remote Indication

With Hansen’s new Pop-Eye™ Insight wired PRV, you can enable immediate communication and automate equipment control through your PLC when an over-pressure event occurs. This innovative product not only establishes the “Time and Duration” of a release or event but also provides immediate awareness by facilitating prompt estimation of refrigerant release amounts. It helps you determine if and when a Release Notification is needed, thereby ensuring maximum safety and compliance.

Hansen Pop-Eye Coupled with its remote indication to plant PLC or alarm systems and local indication via the POP-EYE light, you’ll have constant visibility and control of your refrigeration system. But it doesn’t stop there; the POP-EYE Insight is designed for active mitigation. It enables automatic shutdown of specific equipment based on a lift event, such as a compressor or surge vessel, to minimize release amounts, significantly enhancing system safety and efficiency.

Beyond reactive measures, it’s a tool for proactive management. With its ability to provide visibility to near-miss events, it assists incident investigation efforts and helps uncover potentially unsafe conditions or procedures, ensuring continual improvement in your safety procedures.

Weatherproof, versatile, and pending ATEX certification, the POP-EYE Insight ensures your refrigeration system’s optimal performance, safety, and control, regardless of the environment or conditions.

Hansen Pop-Eye Features:

  • Time and Duration Recording: establishes the time and duration of a release or event. This feature is crucial in monitoring, evaluating, and troubleshooting the refrigeration system.
  • Remote Indication: offers remote indication capabilities that can interface directly with the plant’s PLC or alarm system. This allows for remote monitoring and immediate notification in the event of a problem.
  • Local Indication: offers local indication via the POP-EYE light.
  • Externally Loop-Powered: externally powered by a 24vDC source and can be disconnected as required.
  • Field-Wired to Single or Multiple Valve Zones: designed to be field-wired to single or multiple valve zones, which gives it a broad application range and the ability to manage complex refrigeration systems.
  • Outdoor Suitability: suitable for outdoor installations as it complies with NEM4/IP67 standards. Capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions without compromising its functionality.

Pop-Eye Product Bulletin



Connection Dimensions

Inlet: .5" – 1.25"
Outlet: .75" – 1.5"

Max operating pressures

400 PSIG


Ductile iron, ASTM A395 (with ACT® Coating)

Refrigerants used

Ammonia and Halocarbon Gas


Refrigeration Systems

Certification? UL/CE

Each valve bears the ASME code symbol of certification (UV)


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