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TTE Oil Separator

Designed in-house by the specialist Klimal team, Frigomec supplies a fully welded oil separator for R744 transcritical applications. The solution is 130 bar rated and equipped with a special demister that ensures continuous oil separation in all operating conditions. Independent laboratories have certified excellent separation efficiency following several test procedures. Keys features that contribute to the unique performance achieved include:
  • no replacement of filter element
  • customised auxiliary oil reserve
Over 8500 units have been installed worldwide with 100% customer satisfaction.

The Klimal TTE oil separators remove oil from the R744 refrigerant in a double-step process:

  • Separation by centrifugal effect
  • Separation by coalescent effect with a demister

Removing oil from the discharge gas of the compressor is a must to avoid the following problems:

  • Crankcase oil level
  • Excessive oil circulation in the refrigeration system

An oil reserve is an additional storage capacity, which prevents fluctuations in the refrigerant system.

Many factors will influence the efficiency of the oil separator, which varies from one system to another.

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum allowable working pressure: 130 bar (1,886 psi)
  • Working range temperature: -10/+160 °C (from 14 to 320 °F)
  • Certifications and markings: CE for European market or UL for US & Canada market
  • 10 different models, from 88.9 to 508.0 mm (3” to 20”) to perform across a wide operating range
  • Demister with a wire mesh made of stainless steel
  • Shell, heads and all other components made of top quality carbon steel

TTE Oil Separator Available Options

  • Different connections, type and size (for brazing, welding and threading)
  • Sight glasses and/or auxiliary sockets
  • Integrated supplementary oil reserve

System Specifications

To respond appropriately to any requirement, we require the following CO2 data:

  • Mass flow compressor discharge [kg/s or lb/s]
  • Operating compressor discharge temperature [°C or °F]
  • Operating compressor discharge pressure [bar or psi]
  • Compressor oil type
  • Connections, type and size
Maximum Operating Pressure

130 bar

Temperature range

-10°C to 160°C

Oil charge

From 0,4 to 40L


From 89 to 508 mm


from 2 to 250L

Efficiency rating

Higher than 97%

Filtration particulate retention rating


Connection size options

Fully customized

Minimum overheard clearance








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