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Hydroloop system with Continuous Cooling technology

Glycol-based Hydroloop refrigeration system by FREOR is a cost-effective alternative to the remote refrigeration system, linking several plug-in refrigerators and/or cold rooms to the glycol condensing system. The energy efficient compressors in Hydroloop system can save up to 30% more energy. The system, combined with innovative Continuous Cooling technology, which features an advanced stability control algorithm for temperature control in refrigeration equipment, can achieve the highest energy efficiency by saving up to 70% more energy.

Hydroloop system is a fully integrated refrigeration technology that allows connecting the plug-in refrigeration equipment to the liquid-cooled system. In the system, the excess condensation heat is removed through liquid pipes to the exterior of a building during the summer, or it can be used for heating the store and water in winter. The Hydroloop system offers several benefits, including faster installation, space-saving, equipment relocation flexibility, and easy maintenance. It also uses smaller amounts of refrigerant and utilizes natural propane (R290) gas refrigerant, which leads to increased energy efficiency and up to 30% savings. For even greater energy efficiency and savings of up to 70%, FREOR recommends combining the system with Continuous Cooling technology.

Continuous Cooling technology features an innovative algorithm for temperature control in commercial refrigeration equipment that helps achieve high energy efficiency. Instead of the traditional on-and-off compressor, the technology uses an inverter compressor and an advanced controller, which adjusts the compressor’s speed based on the temperature inside the equipment. This helps to significantly enhance refrigeration efficiency and maintain a steady temperature inside the refrigerator.

The Hydroloop cooling system, in combination with FREOR’s Continuous Cooling technology, has been proven to be highly energy-efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. It also conforms to the latest regulations for commercial refrigeration. By using a very low GWP natural R290 gas refrigerant, this combination is an excellent choice for a modern retailer looking for a future-oriented refrigeration solution.


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