H-RANGE – Heat Pumps

The Fenagy H-range heat pumps reach capacities from 500 kW to 3,000 kW heat per rack. All the heat pumps are designed to deliver optimal performance in accordance with customer-specific operation needs. The entire range is available as both water-sourced and air-sourced heat pumps.
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The H-range uses the natural refrigerant CO₂, which is ideal for applications with heat-sink return temperatures below 45°C and supply temperatures up to 85°C. The heat pumps are typically used for applications such as district heating or heating of larger buildings, but they are also suitable for industrial processes, green houses, HVAC and data centres.

Easy installation with enclosure

All the heat pumps in the H-range can be delivered in an industrial walk-in enclosure, which is a fully approved machine room with lighting, ventilation, CO₂ alarm and sound dampening panels. The enclosure is available in any colour and with extra space for installation of an electrical supply panel, pumps, valves on the water circuit, etc. Enclosures are usually delivered with a self-supporting concrete foundation, so only a levelled sand pad is needed on site for the installation.

Control systems

The complete range uses a standard Siemens PLC controller, and Fenagy has developed its own PLC algorithms for the most essential functions to ensure optimal control and monitoring. Our PLC solutions can communicate with most of the platforms the customer will need to communicate with. The onboard HMI panel offers direct monitoring of the system and its operating conditions. Furthermore, our PLC solutions support several communication protocols and can integrate with the overall SCADA system.

For an air-sourced heat pump, it is essential to have an efficient and robust defrost system that can secure heat production, regardless of weather conditions. Furthermore, unique features have been developed enabling the heat pump to restart automatically after an emergency stop and even after heavy snowfall.

Key features

  • Patented ejector technology for optimisation of capacity and COP
  • Fast start and stop for balancing the electrical grid
  • Efficient and robust defrosting of air-sourced heat pumps
  • Internal heat exchangers and receiver, designed for heat pump operation
  • Industrial design with stainless steel piping
  • Available as water-to-water and air-to-water
  • Water pump, energy meter and various valves can be integrated on the rack
  • PLC control of the entire heat pump, including optimised air-source evaporators

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Product Brochure H-RANGE

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